Winter Challenge 14ª Edição

São Caetano do Sul / SP

05/07/2018 - 08/07/2018

Winter Challenge 14th edition

Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia
Praça Mauá, 1 - São Caetano do Sul/SP

05/07/2018 - 08/07/2018


Meet the competition:


The Comfort Hotel São Caetano has a special rate for those who will attend the RoboCore Winter Challenge event.
To get the discount, contact the hotel and mention that you will attend the RoboCore event.

Promotional rate:
R$ 160,00 + ISS (quarto duplo).

Alameda Terracota, 250 Torre 2A - São Caetano do Sul/SP

+55 11 4280-6870


CompetitorsUntil 02/05/2018Until 04/06/2018
Individual*R$ 100,00R$ 150,00
* All registered until 04/06/2018 will receive the official event shirt.

The registration fee on the day of the event will be $ 300.00.    Schedule yourself in advance and sign up during the discount period.
   You will not be able to register robots after 4/6/2018.

Robots (Class):Until 02/05/2018Until 04/06/2018
Antweight**R$ 75,00R$ 100,00
Beetleweight**R$ 100,00R$ 130,00
Hobbyweight**R$ 120,00R$ 150,00
Featherweight**R$ 130,00R$ 160,00
Lightweight**R$ 140,00R$ 170,00
Mini-sumo - 500g (Auto)**R$ 100,00R$ 130,00
Sumô LEGO - 1kg (Auto)**R$ 100,00R$ 130,00
Sumô LEGO Junior - 1kg (Auto)**R$ 75,00R$ 100,00
Sumô - 3kg (Auto)**R$ 120,00R$ 150,00
Sumô - 3kg (R/C)**R$ 120,00R$ 150,00
Hockey - 6,8kg** (team)R$ 200,00R$ 250,00
Seguidor de Linha - ProR$ 100,00R$ 130,00
Seguidor de Linha - JuniorR$ 75,00R$ 100,00
Robô Trekking - ProR$ 150,00R$ 200,00
ArtbotR$ 75,00R$ 100,00
Futebol - Simulation 2D (team)R$ 75,00R$ 100,00
Futebol - Mini (team)R$ 100,00R$ 130,00
** Categories with limit of 64 robots per class

You can sign up new members and robots to your team even after already having completed an inscription above.

05/07 Thursday (only for competitors)

09:00h - Start of Check-in
10:00h - Start of safety inspection *
20:00h - End of day activities

06/07 Friday

10:00h - Start of the competitions
13:00h - Interval
14:00h - Resumption of competitions
20:00h - End of day activities

07/07 Saturday

10:00h - Start of the competitions
13:00h - Interval
14:00h - Resumption of competitions
20:00h - End of day activities

08/07 Sunday

10:00h - Start of the competitions
13:00h - Interval
14:00h - Resumption of competitions
20:00h - End of day activities

* To avoid delays during the event, the security inspection will be done EXCLUSIVELY on Thursday.

Robots that are not approved on Thursday will not be able to compete.
     A security inspection on Thursday is required only for the combat and hockey categories.

In case the competitor wishes to cancel his registration, after paying the fees, RoboCore will refund 80% of the amount paid if the cancellation happens until May 2, 2018.
   If cancellation occurs after May 2, and is made until June 4, 2018, RoboCore will reimburse only 50% of the amount. If you wish to cancel your registration after June 4, there will be no refund. To cancel your registration contact us at


1° Batch

Until 04/Jun/2018
Team Member R$
Antweight (454g - 1lb) R$
Beetleweight - 1,36kg (3lb) R$
Featherweight - 13,6kg (30lb) R$
Hobbyweight - 5,44kg (12lb) R$
Lightweight - 27,2kg (60lb) R$
Sumo - 3kg (Auto) R$
Sumo - 3kg (R/C) R$
Sumo LEGO - 1kg (Auto) R$
Sumo LEGO Junior - 1kg (Auto) R$
Sumo Mini - 500g (Auto) R$
Hockey - Pro (6,8kg) R$
Follow Line - Junior R$
Follow Line - Pro R$
Robot Trekking - Pro R$
ArtBot - Kinetic R$
Soccer - Mini R$
Soccer - Simulation 2D R$

Participação de menores de idade:
Caso haja menores de idade em sua equipe, é obrigatório levar o termo de autorização de menor de idade corretamente preenchido no dia do evento.
Para menores de 16 anos, é necessário reconhecer firma do responsável. Para menores de 18 anos e maiores de 16 não é necessário o reconhecimento de firma.