IRONCup 2021


26/02/2021 - 28/02/2021

For the first time, IRONCup will be 100% digital. Even so, the excitement and adrenaline will be as strong as in the face-to-face events!

Registration for this edition will be free and anyone anywhere in the world will be able to participate! Just create a team and register for the event before Feburary 17th.

In this edition, in addition to the infrastructure of Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações - Inatel , we will have the support of other institutions allowing to have the remote execution of several simultaneous event categories. The Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia will be helping us with the Lego Sumo category, the Centro Universitário Facens with Hockey, RSM robótica with Sumo RC and Universidade de São Paulo - USP and Universidade Federal de Pernambuco - UFPE with Mini Football competitions.

Do not let to register at the last minute, because due to the limit of robots in each category, the available entries should end quickly!

Update your team with the robots for the categories you want to participate. As this is a virtual event, robots from "remote" categories on your team do not need to exist physically (as the organization's robots will be used). However, you need to add them to your team in order to register for the event.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email
Available classes
Robot (Class):LimitRules
Sumo LEGO - 1kg Remote (Auto)64
Sumo Mini - 500g Remote (Auto)48
Sumo Mini - 500g Remote (R/C)48
Hockey - Mini Remote (3,4kg)16
Football - Simulation 2D16
Football - Simulation Mini16

You can sign up new members and robots to your team even after you have already completed a previously registration.

15/02/2021 to 17/02/2021

Validation training
A date and time will be scheduled in advance with the teams registered for the event to test the system and validate their participation.
Failure to attend will result in declassification, making your place available to another team.

26/02/2021 (Friday)

10:00h - Competitions start
13:00h - Break
14:00h - Resumption of competitions
20:00h - End of the day's activities

27/02/2021 (Saturday)

10:00h - Competitions start
13:00h - Break
14:00h - Resumption of competitions
20:00h - End of the day's activities

28/02/2021 (Sunday)

10:00h - Competitions start
13:00h - Break
14:00h - Resumption of competitions
17:00h - End of the day's activities / Awards

All times are BRT - Brasília time - UTC-03:00


1° Batch

Until 19/Feb/2021
Team Member R$
Mini - 500g Remote (R/C) R$
Mini - 500g Remote (Auto) R$
LEGO - 1kg Remote (Auto) R$
Mini Remote (3,4kg) R$
Simulation 2D R$
Simulation Mini R$

Participação de menores de idade:
Caso haja menores de idade em sua equipe, é obrigatório levar o termo de autorização de menor de idade corretamente preenchido no dia do evento. Para menores de 16 anos, é necessário reconhecer firma do responsável. Para menores de 18 anos e maiores de 16 não é necessário o reconhecimento de firma.